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Micronutrient deficiency affects more than 2 billion people worldwide.


Of The World Population Is Suffering From Micronutrient Deficiency.


Young Women Die Each Year In Pregnancy & Childbirth Due To IDA.


of Adolescents in India Suffer From "Hidden Hunger",


People Living With Diabetes, and the Annual Coronary Deaths Are Expected To Reach 4 Million in 2030.

3.2 L+

330,000 Child Deaths Are Precipitated Every Year In India Due To Vitamin A Deficiency.

1 in 5

Estimated (20%) Indian Women Suffer From PCOS.

We are a one-stop solution for micronutrient deficiency and lifestyle disease management

India's First 100% Natural & Customized Superfood for Daily Nutrition and Wellness with Complete Diagnosis + Nutrition + Coaching.

We dive deep to analyze an individual's health problems through our AI-based body symptomatic assessment process. Diagnose the problem and recommend them a solution to nutrition needs by delivering the right superfood mix and nutrition coaching to do the best for

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Begin your journey to be fit and healthy. Insta Eats is here to prioritize your health and well-being in a truly nutritious and convenient way.

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Identify and get a report on your vitamin deficiency by taking a FREE Self-Assessment Test.

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Take Action

Get the recommended superfood mix and a customized diet plan as per your need.

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See Results

Start following the diet and munch a superfood mix daily. Take help from an expert Dietitian and community to get the best results.

Our Products are Safe & Scientific

100% Safe & Natural Ingredients

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High In Micronutrients & Minerals

No Added Sugar & Preservatives

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(Boost Hormonal Health Naturally)

If you are undergoing a medical condition, then our wellness care products bless your health with boosted Immunity, increased energy, insulin management, hormonal imbalance & healthy digestion. Our products that fulfil your needs for multivitamins, minerals & nutrients are Thyro Health, PCOS Health, Gut Health & Diabetes health.


(Boost Hormonal Health Naturally)

Personal Care

(Boost Hormonal Health Naturally)

If you are on a specific regime or taking any special keto diet or athletic diet or need any special preventive care, our specially designed Personal care products are what all you need. Our products such as Heart health, Skin health, Sports health and Keto health fulfil all your skin-boosting nutrients, heart health improvement, ketosis support or boosting health and muscle performance naturally.

Personal Care

(Boost Hormonal Health Naturally)

Daily Nutrition

(Boost Hormonal Health Naturally)

The key to meeting your daily nutrition intake on a daily basis lies with us. A healthy life is just the yummiest snack away - InstaEats Daily Health, Men’s Health, Women’s health and Kid’s Health products. It maintains nutrient balance naturally and provides complete health and wellness care solution to your health.

Daily Nutrition

(Boost Hormonal Health Naturally)

Lets Say NO toMicronutrient deficiency

Meet the founders, breaking every barrier by taking the revolutionizing steps to cure the silent, hidden hunger epidemic.

From developing advanced science-backed research to cultivating 100% natural ingredients, our team has created the first ever scientifically proven superfood mixes that actually works.

The vision is to defeat micronutrient deficiency by spreading Awareness, Assessment of your body's requirements at the micronutrient level through our AI bot and fulfilling nutrition needs through superfoods and nutrition coaching is what we strive for and do the best for your health. Join in our efforts to enhance your daily well-being.

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Lets Say NO to Micronutrient deficiency

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